Our Curriculum Overview

A Commitment to Excellence

Cornerstone Academy follows the 8-4-4 curriculum. Text books have been carefully selected to provide a comprehensive treatment in each area of learning in proper sequence. In line with school motto, “Knowledge founded on Christ”, Bible is taught every day. In addition, Bible truths are integrated with all learning objectives. This helps to have students who are all round, that is, spiritually, morally and academically.

The following non-examinable subjects are taught weekly:Life skillsPhysical educationComputer studiesCreative arts( Art and music)Swimming

Students sit for KCPE exams at the end of Standard Eight


To supplement the classroom teaching, we provide a course textbook for every subject and supplementary books as needed. There are individual classroom libraries. Our pupils participate in inter-school quizzes, namely Class 4 Maths, Class 5 Science, Class 6 Social Studies, Class 7 Kiswahili and Class 8 CRE. The entire class benefits from the preparation and practice.

Instruction of high academic quality along with training in Christian character prepare our students to take their place in the home, the church, the nations and their vocations or professions.

Physical Games

Our pupils participate in swimming and ball games among others. We use the Kasarani Sports Stadium field and swimming pool. We also organize a School Sports Day every year.

Educational Trips

We organize academic trips for all classes. In the first term we normally have trips for the lower primary, in the second term we have trips for the upper primary and kindergarten in the third. Class eight pupils go to Mombasa every August.

Spiritual Program - Teachers

Every first Saturday of the term we have a prayer day. We engage in praise and worship, preaching of the Word, group discussions and prayers among others. We have morning devotions every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before classes begin. We have a Teacher’s Kesha every last Friday of the term.

Spiritual Program - Pupils

We have an Assembly every Monday for both teachers and pupils. We have class devotions for twenty minutes every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Pupils are grouped for Program for Pastoral Instructions, which are held on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Spiritual Program - School

We have prayers for Class Eight during the third term. We have chain prayers towards the end of the third term until the KCPE is done. Class Eight pupils are mentored by teachers who encourage and pray for them throughout the year.