Admission from PP2 to class seven is based on interview results. Interested pupils go through the interview process of which upon passing they are admitted. You can also Click HERE to download the application form, fill it then submit it to the school office.

ItemAmount in KES
Play Class – PP211,500 (Tuition and admission)
Primary Fees Grade 1 – 317,500 (Tuition, admission and caution)
STD 4 – 518,500 (Tuition, admission and caution)
STD 6 – 819,500 (Tuition, admission and caution)
Development Fee (Per Parent)8,000 (3000 paid in pre-school and 5,000 in Class 1) Paid Once
Books kitty3,000 (Paid once in Grade 1)
Revision books4,000 (Paid once in Grade 4)
Computer2,000 (Termly,compulsory from Grade1)
Annual Book Charge2,000 Class 3, 6 & 7
1000 Class 8
Activity Fee500 (termly)
Exam Fee500 (termly)
Interview Fee500 (Paid Once)
Application Fee200 (Paid Once)
NEMIS Registration200 ( Paid once for those not Registered At All)
(Registered Students to submit NEMIS No.)

Fees is payable via Barclays Bank Ruaraka Branch to Cornerstone Academy, A/c No. 1012917 and Cooperative Bank Zimmerman Branch to Cornerstone Academy, A/c No. 01128211358900. The bank slip should then be submitted to the school Accounts’ Office.

We offer a hot drink at break time for Pre- Primary (PP1 and PP2) children only. Parents should therefore pack snacks for the children to take during break time.

Both exercise and textbooks are provided by the school. Parents are to ensure that the books are covered.