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Welcome to our Primary School. Preparing Accomplished well-rounded individuals.

Primary School

Whether you are transitioning from our Primary School or joining us for the first time, you will feel very much a part of our close knit Cornerstone Academy’ Junior Secondary School family in no time.

Head of Curriculum Introduction

As the Primary School Head of curriculum, I am always excited and happy to work with the children and watch them achieve the targets set for them. Our mission is to offer them a firm foundation based on Christ that will enable them to face junior secondary school with confidence. It is here that children discover and grow their talents, in and out of class. From the exceptional artists to the roaring musicians to the dashing athletes to the nerdy quiz wizards, we not only offer the necessary conducive environment for talent to be explored, but also sharpen talent to the levels of each individual.

We are tireless in our commitment to developing students who are academic standouts and active community servants. You have many options of schools to educate your children in the Zimmerman area, and we believe that you have made the right choice. We thank you for entrusting your scholars into our care and service.

The one constant about education is that it’s dynamic. At Cornerstone Academy we are always continually seeking opportunities to help prepare our children for the future. As we embrace the changes.

Mr. Benson Kanyua, Head of Curriculum

Academic Structure

Cornerstone Academy Primary school section has a warm and friendly pupil-centered environment with dedicated teachers whose mission is to help each pupil to discover and develop holistically. The primary school is for children aged 5-11 years. The Primary School section is divided into Lower Primary (Grade 1- Grade 3), Upper Primary (Grade 4- Grade 6).

Core Subjects:

  • English language
  • Kiswahili language
  • Mathematical activities such as counting
  • Environmental activities
  • Hygiene and nutrition activities
  • Christian Religious Education
  • Movement and creative activities such as playing games, music, art and, sports

Our Curriculum allows our children to explore, imagine, problem-solve, and create. Children work in small groups and participate in active, engaging learning activities. Our focus is to teach children how to think not what to think. You will find girls building block structures, painting, singing, participating in dramatic play as well as working on different activities that develop motor skills, and strength for writing, art, music etc. Each term, the pupils are assessed to measure their progress and identify strengths and areas in need of additional attention. We strive to go an extra mile for all learners, regularly providing intervention where required.

Beyond the classroom

We have a robust co-curriculum program on offer since we strive to offer a balanced curriculum to all learners.

Beyond the classroom

  • Music

    We have a vibrant music program on offer. Children get opportunities to join the school choir, perform in drama productions and Christmas concerts.

  • Sport

    Our Primary School offers key sports disciplines included in the Kenyan Curriculum guidelines through all the Key Stages.

  • Trips

    Day and overnight trips are offered to give children real life experiences of some of the things that they learn in the classrooms. Additionally, the trips serve to reinforce concepts learnt in the classrooms.

  • Clubs

    They run throughout the week and children get a chance to discover and nurture talent as they build their character while engaging in varied club activities.

Admission Procedure

The majority of pupils are admitted to Cornerstone Academy in the January the 1st term following their 3rd birthday. We offer openings from pre-school 2 (PP2) up to Grade 6 subject to the availability of space and satisfactory assessment.
Admissions for Grade 7&8 are done under special circumstances

Step 1

Your child will need to physically seat for the entry exams at the school. The child will need to attain the entry marks/grades acceptable by our school’s examination council.

Step 2

The parents/guardians will then have a face-to-face meeting with the Head Teacher and his team.

Step 3

The child will have a face-to-face meeting with his or her future teacher for assessment.

Step 4

The parent is given the admission letter and pays the necessary fees and costs associated with the child’s admission to Hilltop Preparatory School.

Step 5

Both the child and parent/guardians meet the admission teams for final induction as the child joins the school.

Co-Curricular Activities

These includes our different school clubs, sports, performing arts and music.