Head of Kindergarten Introduction

Welcome to our exciting learning experience at Cornerstone Academy’s preschool. You will be amazed at the amount of learning that will take place. We provide a happy and safe environment for quality learning, discipline, moral conscience and firm spiritual foundation within which our children can develop their faith, character, Intellect, and gifts so as to become independent learners and confident adults.

Our program is an interactive experience involving teachers, children and God. We start every day with prayer and devotional time. Then our teachers begin to teach our how to find answers to their questions. Finally, we reflect on what we have learned – this God-focused reflection time helps students remember what they have learned and reiterates how much they are loved by God.

By incorporating God into the creative activities in the learning process, children better absorb the importance of who they are and how much they are loved, while learning the essential preschool skills needed to succeed in school and beyond. By combining music, art, movement, and storytelling into every lesson, every day, we create a warm and engaging environment that sparks curiosity and discovery.

We also foster Christian themes of kindness, courage, sharing, and forgiveness, our teachers joyously incorporate New and Old Testament Bible accounts, songs, stories, skits, prayer, and worship as activities to teach children about God’s love throughout the terms.

Mrs. Julia Mutahi, Head of Kindergaten

Academic Structure

At this stage, your child will be mainly learning through play-based activities, social skills, and routine in aim of understanding the world around them and learning social skills. Importance of Play: “At Cornerstone Academy your child will start to learn by doing things for themselves, by exploring, investigating, watching, listening, talking, creating and communicating “.

Importance of play

At Cornerstone Academy, your child will begin to learn by doing things for themselves, by exploring, investigating, watching and listening, talking, discussing, creating, communicating – in other words, playing. Play is children’s work.


Our Curriculum allows our children to explore, imagine, problem-solve, and create. Children work in small groups and participate in active, engaging learning activities. Our focus is to teach children how to think not what to think. You will find girls building block structures, painting, singing, participating in dramatic play as well as working on different activities that develop motor skills, and strength for writing, art, music etc.
Each term, the pupils are assessed to measure their progress and identify strengths and areas in need of additional attention. We strive to go an extra mile for all learners, regularly providing intervention where required.

Core Subjects

Language and communication



Psychomotor and creative

Christian Religious Education

Beyond the classroom Environment

“We recognize that the early years are very important as they set the tone for a child’s entire educational experience. And thus engaging in extracurricular activities cannot be overstated! These are essential, not only as they transition from Preschool to Primary school, but also as children grow into healthy, happy adults. These activities take place within the school day and a timetable of the activities is set by our teachers at the beginning of every term”.

Activities offered at our Kindergarten:

School Trips

Admission Procedure

The majority of pupils are admitted to Cornerstone Academy in the January the 1st term following their 3rd birthday.
We offer openings from pre-school 2 (PP2) up to Grade 6 subject to the availability of space and satisfactory assessment.
Admissions for Grade 7&8 are done under special circumstances

Step 1

Your child will need to physically seat for the entry exams at the school. The child will need to attain the entry marks/grades acceptable by our school’s examination council.

Step 2

The parents/guardians will then have a face-to-face meeting with the Head Teacher and his team.

Step 3

The child will have a face-to-face meeting with his or her future teacher for assessment.

Step 4

The parent is given the admission letter and pays the necessary fees and costs associated with the child’s admission to Cornerstone Academy

Step 5

Both the child and parent/guardians meet the admission teams for final induction as the child joins the school.