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Graduation Ceremony

During one of the colourful graduation ceremonies

Our Background

Cornerstone Academy was started in 1991 as a ministry of Deliverance Church Kasarani with a Pre-Primary class (Formerly known as nursery). The class had eight pupils. The school at that time had one teacher and an assistant teacher.

By the end of 1991, the school had a population of twenty eight pupils. The school got a pre-unit class in 1992. In 1994, the school had it’s first double stream from PP1 to PP2. The first KCPE Class did their exam in 20

Since the school was began, several development projects have been completed, such as the computer lab, a modern kitchen and music lessons. The school currently has a population of 743 pupils, 28 teachers in the primary section, 16 teachers in the kindergarten section.

Primary Teachers
Kindergarten Teachers